Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maharashtra Forts For Sale - II : Sihangadh

1. Government Funds' Allocation
Number of forts in Maharashtra are being allocated 'few crores of rupees' each for repairs.
Sihangadh is one of the first ones. Funds summing approx. Rs. 16 Crores have been allocated for doing the fort repairs. This is on top of a Pune Municipal Corporation's 'work' going on involving the total of Rs. 5 Crores for the slopes of the fort.

2. Significance of Sihangadh
Pune region is considered cultural capital of Maharashtra and historically one of locations of country carrying cultural pride.
Sihangadh 25 km west to Pune city, is a hallmark of bravery and valor displayed by Marathas against Muslim invaders.
No wonder, most 'Puneits and many history loving Maharashtrians and Indians have emotional and cultural bonding with the fort and the region.

3. What's Hurting?
Puneits are known for their awareness for the social, and public matters. But when it comes to watchfulness and awareness regarding how surrounding forts are being abused
- by government contractors
- by politicians
- by shameless social elements
Punekars seems to be conveniently ignorant.

4. Damaging Facts:
4.1 Sidetracking the Goal Of Repairs To Favor Politician's Relative
A relative of a currently co-ruling party in Maharashtra, NCP headed by Mr. Sharad Pawar
has been awarded with contract.

4.2 Misuse of The Fort for 'Repairs'
Although terms of contract make it clear that the resources of the fort itself such as sand stones, won't be used for any addition to civil real estate of the fort, tens of contractor's trucks are digging into different regions of fort's slope for sand and stones.
The snap in the article shows a local newspaper clearly describing that the trees are being killed in order to 'aid' the 'repair' work of the fort. It also mentions that the forest department does not position itself to act against this.
The contractor is freely using four wheeled vehicle on the fort itself for his mission, although it is clearly provibited by law to do so, even for contractors.

4.3 Corruption In Repairs
The stonework being done is not enough to sustain the stones beyond a few years. Stones will come apart from the set locations. Cement being put in the gap is insufficient. Watering is not being consistently.
It is quite easy to consume these failures, by explaining at later time that....'visitors were continuously using the roads stonework was being done on, during the construction'.

5. The Bigger Danger
5.1 If Sihangadh Can Be Victimized, Other Forts Are No Big Deal:
If Sihangadh, the fort alert citizens feel probably most about, can be used as a corruption field, it is no brainer how the funds that will be allocated to other forts will be consumed.

5.2 Sihangadh: First victim in be spoilled by destructive repairs via corrupt political system
It has been in news that gradually many more forts will get compatible level of funding for such 'repair works'. Rajgadh has been approved some Rs. 5 crores of such funding. Politicians are talking about rejunuvating Pratapgadh. Pratapgadh is the fort where Shivaji Maharaj killed the demon Afzal Khan.

5.3 Step In Killing Few More Of People's Pride Points:
Victimization of Sihangadh just shows the level of valueless politics and corruption the politicians are prepared to do.

5.4 Adding Shame To Indian Intellectual Society:
And this also robbery of government funds happening in daylight in the daylight points how shameless and coward, we are becoming as far as taking pride in efforts in preserving the history .....for creating which our ancestors laid their lives.

6. What Can Be Done?
6.1 Hundreds of People visit Sihangadh each week. They are thought, purpose, time and mission.
Can they gather together single time....with single demonstrate their disapproval to the 'witness of Glorious Indian history' victimized ?
- This will be a unity of good souls and representation that proud history lovers are watchful.
- Coming together of similar thinking citizens may give rise to the next level of action items , which may go long way in preserving well deserved history for future generations

6.2 Can the local groups such as 'RashtraSeva', Political parties and local citizens, come together and pressurize the ignorant and careless government not to mess up with the historical pride matters ?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maharashtra Forts For Sale - I : Korai Gadh

Had a chance to revisit Kori gadh (also called as 'Korai') in March 2009. The first visit was in 1997. (Fort was in pristine state at that time)

Fort Location
Ambavane village is approx. 80 mins to south of Lonavala by Bus.

Fort View
A flat top fort. Easy to climb.Around 1 hour from Amabavane to the top for beginner . Korigad is famous for its excellent fortification (‘Tatbandi’). There are two lakes and many cannons on the fort. Korai devi temple – the deity of the fort Korigad (4ft height). The surrounding forts of Tung, Tikona, Prabalgad, Matheran, Manikgad can be seen from the top.

Symptom Of Danger
Python of Amby valley/ Sahara City is tightening it's grip on the fort.- One can not make a circle around the fort. Most of south-east, south, southwest, and part of west has been captured by Ambi Valley.

The slope around the forts have been dug at many places. Sand and stones have been moved.

- Ambi Valley “Guards” will interrogate you on your way up to the fort. They will dare to ask you “where did you come from, how long do you plan to stay, how many people” etc
This particular guard even offered us to stay in the nearby 'Ambi Valley' resort that has been recently available !

While encrotching physical richness of Amby vally is quite evident, the temples on the forts are in bad shape. The forest deartment or tourism department did not have any presence around the fort.

Real Danger
I see this as an experiment. If the fort very near to population, and in the middle of two big cities, can be ‘swallowed’, it is easy for industrial and political pythons to ‘defeat’ the remote forts, and establish their imperial regime there.
I witness the forts representing great Maratha history are getting victimized in the face of industrial and political aggression. Korai seemed like a lion of jungle has just forced to join the circus.This is going in direction to obliterate the rich proud history. An irreconcilable damage the gospels of industrializations are doing to the History of Maharashtra.

The history is under indirect attack from new form of invaders, these are worse than Islamist invaders , much similar to modern Christian invaders.Christian Churches are gathering millions of dollars in the West saying they want to spread 'love of Jejus to poor people like Indian society'. In reality they are using these funds for brutal conversions of Hindu society. On similar lines, industrial pythons such as Ambi Valley wish to take 'fruits of modernization' to Indian society which they think is desperately seeking to modernize like the West..

This is treason.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Byte on the Issue Of Hinduism in North American Academia

#1 Youtube Following Keywords:
Teaching Hindu History in American Schools (Part 1/2)
Teaching Hindu History in American Schools (Part 2/2)

#2 There are certain action items at the end of video 2/2
If you are convinced, please spread the word.

#3 Social Studies textbooks for grades six and seven in California teach about the history of various religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. When it comes to a discussion of Hinduism, textbooks portray all social evils as Hindu beliefs and suppress all achievements of Hinduism.
Such portrayal will lead to the humiliation of Hindu children in the classroom and eventually alienate them from Hinduism.

I personally see this as a small part of continued 'hard work' going on by Anti-Hindus, to corner Hinduism hence Indian Culture, whenever and wherever possible to them.

Related websites:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Islamization At Doorsteps

*1 See 2 images.

*2 What is It ?
This is news from 10th May, 2009 Pudhari (Marathi Newspaper)This is real. And this is this week's information.A racket of Muslim youths has been found out.Names came out so far are Muslims.

*3 Method Used
3.1 With no initial exposure of religion, focus on girls around colleges.
3.2 Get them 'involved'.
3.3 Onece in trap, use them, have Muslims in other parts of country use them.
3.4 Then force them for conversion to Islam.
3.5 Send some of them to Saudi Arabia.

*4 Purpose Of And Direction of This ?
4.1 I have been hearing for years but ignoring that Indian Muslim youth are paid to trap Hindu girls for conversions.I can not ignore this anymore.

4.2 I have also been ignoring the fact that in most of movies,the Hero is Muslim (XYZ Khan) and heroine is a Hindu one.I now have growing feeling that this is deliberate slow posioning the Hindu society.

4.3 I have been ignoring the question: Who controls Key Indian media houses ?I recently came across 2 links regarding Indian media. Even 25% of this video below is true, I am getting concerned where this is going.....

4.4 I knew that countries like England are facing challenges of Muslim terrorism (reference )

I am getting convinced that in midst of poverty and lack of unity in Indian peoplethis will get worse and worse in India.........if we do not play our part to do something about it.

While I have my doables, I welcome your suggestions as to what we can do in our capacity towards this.