Monday, August 31, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 9: Samskrit Makes The World A Livable And Lovable Place

9.1 Let Universe be A Happy Place

Tens of thousands of years before the concept of 'religion' was born....
Samskriti (Culture) was flourishing and shaping the humanity stressing that
‘we only have the right to pray for others and never for seeking favors for ourselves’.

Tens of thousands years before imperial theologies ran around and robbed Europe, Asia, Americas offering 'peace and life' on conditional basis (of accepting their faith) ....
sages and rishis were engaged in unconditionally praying for all universe via Samskrit language.
Their hearts were praying not only for humanity, but also for animals, plants and all creation....

9.2 Living Link Between Ancient Past And Presence

Samskrit is not just a language, it is living energy.
Many of world’s ancient cultures like Egyptian, Mayan or ancient African cultures have died or got destroyed; but Samskriti, marked by Samskrit language and embodied in way of Indian life (referred to as Hinduism) is the only solid link that connects the ancient times, and modern world. It has witnessed and survived through different streams of inhumanity; It has shaped key streams of humanity.

9.3 Samskrit is All Inclusive
Variety, quality and quantity of timeless literature in Samskrit language has been phenomenal and incomparable.
Buddhism, Jainism and many other faiths founds place in the motherly lap of Samskriti represented by Samskrit language.

9.4 Samskrit Represents Vishwa Dharma, Religion of Universe

The culture shaped by Samskrit language (Hinduism) never forced a single book, never made discrimination based upon a single ideology. All kinds of ideeologies and theologies were welcome and allowed to flourish within it.

Samskriti marked by Samskrit language truly represents Vishwa Dharama (religion of the universe) since time immemorial. No wonder Samskrit language is called Dev Vani (Divine Language)

9.5 Motherland
"India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy," - 'The Case for India' By Will Durant

9.6 For You...

9.6.1 Think About This"
Why do the words 'world peace', 'brotherhood' seem to have lost their meaning in the modern times ?

9.6.2 More importantly, Answer This..
What Would You like to pass to your kids as global citizen ?

9.7 Some References HinduWisdom

Monday, August 24, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 8: Foundation For India's Glorious Future

8.1 Samskrit And India:

8.1.1 Dr. C. V. Raman (A Nobel Prize Winner Indian laureate)
"Sanskrit flows through our blood. It is only Sanskrit that can establish the unity of the country."

8.1.2 Saeed Naqvi (Journalist, Winner of Indian National Integration Award 2003)
"May be if Sanskrit had been designated the official language of the country, there would have been none of the rabid opposition to it as there is to Hindi, the country would have a unifying language and may be a national soul."

8.1.3 Jawaharlal Nehru (First prime minister of post British free India)
"If I was asked what is the greatest treasure which India possesses and what is her finest heritage, I would answer unhesitatingly - it is the Sanskrit language and literature and all that it contains"

8.1.4 Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam ( 11th President of India, served during 2002-2007)
"Sanskrit has enriched our society from time immemorial"

8.2 What's Root Behind India's Current Problems?

Symptoms of India's Problems:
Few symptoms of India's current problems are...
- uneven distribution of resources
- worldwide anti-Indian powers
- illiteracy
- inter state differences
- inter faith complexities

8.3 Deep Connection To Unity:

In one way or the other the symptoms are related to...
the lack of long sustainable common ground that individuals can agree upon, and be proud of, and be passionate about , as Indians.

In simple words, it is lack of unity as Indians.
Unity is a foundational principle on which the great nations are built.

8.4 What will Bring Unity ?

8.5 Self Esteem will Bring The Unity:

May it be an individual or a nation, self-esteem is crucial for survival, prosperity and happiness.
Further, for all great nations, 'self-esteem of individuals' is deeply interconnected with 'national pride'.

Factors which will strengthen
-'an individual self esteem' as well as
-'national pride' at the same time,
....will boost immensely to the unity of the nation.
This foundation of unity, will secure the bright future of a nation.

8.6 What Will Raise 'Indian Self Esteem' ?

India, Highly Privileged Nation:
India is a highly privileged nation, which has nectar's cultural riches since time eternal. And Samskrit language embeds it securely.

"Sanskrit is the language of Indian inspiration. It is the language in which India's all past greatness, her rich thought, and her spiritual aspirations are enshrined. Samskrit has been the principal vehicle of our nation's aspirations and cultural traditions." - First President of post British free India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad

8.7 Foreign Invaders Broke The Link:

The foreign invaders continued to deprive Indian society from its rich source of self esteems for several centuries. However in recent century, the rejunuvating nation is starting to realize the this broken link.
Example, M.K. Gandhi
"I deeply regret that I was not able to acquire a thorough knowledge of the Sanskrit language. I have since realized that every Hindu boy and girl should possess sound Samskrit learning"

8.8 Samskrit And Glorious Future Of India

Samskrit is not just a language.
It is Samskriti.

'Samskrit is the soul of India, the symbol of its unity. Knowledge of Samskrit will bring Indians closer together as a nation. Learning Samskrit will help them gain immensely beneficial insights into their rich cultural, literary and scientific heritage. Samskrit will build the solid foundation which will guide India to a glorious future' as SamskritaBharati sees it.

8.9 Transformation

When modern Indian mind resumes the timeless Samskrit song, times will not be far when dreams of glorious India will start to transform into reality.

8.10 Some References: Samskrita Bharati Voice of dharma Himalayan Academy Village with Samskrit Sholkas after noon namaaz Indian History: part I Unesco Indian Heritage Timelss India Kalam about Samskrit National Anthemn Land Everyone desires to see.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 7: Samskrit is Timeless Source of Human Values

7.1 Traits of Indian Culture
Indian culture is marked with two outstanding traits
- Human values
- Continuity of Traditions

Samskrit literature of numerous kind has been home to human values in beautifully diverse forms

7.2 Samskrit Literature
May it be Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayan, Mahabharata, Geeta or Brahma Sutras...Samskrit literature has been guiding the Indian way of life, since time eternal.

7.3 Human Values
Righteousness, bhakti, social interdependence, self-restraint, respect to elders, obedience, unselfish love, harmony, moral character, steadfastness, service, dutifulness, truthfulness, bravery, .........Samskrit has been the source of fragrance and experience of such human traits in Indian way of life.

India - Pride -III

Considerable amount of Samskrit literature has been in fact translated in many child languages of Samskrit. Commentaries have been written by seers and scholars.

7.4 Flow In Way Of Life
These values have been flowing like mountain-river in Indian life in form of stories, recitations, religious readings, day to day practices, traditions.

7.5 For You To Find Out

7.5.1 Zoroastrian community Finds Home In India
Upon escaping the persecutions by Muslim invaders, and after trying to find asylum in many surrounding countries, Zoroastrian community in Iran region (modern day Parsi) found the permanent home in Gujarat in late 9th century.
- why they had to leave their country
- why they found home only in Bharat

7.5.2 Toughest Battle In Life Of Alexander:
Which was the toughest battle in Alexander the Great's life ?
What was it's impact on his Army and his own life ?
What virtues does it relates to ?

7.5.3 Some Origins of Shivaji's Virtues
Shivaji Maharaj has been inspiration of thousands of modern Indians.
Learn how his mother Jijabai helped to shape him into an ideal King.

7.5.4 Power of Gandhi
M.K. Gandhi's contribution to end the british rule in India is a known fact.
Identify what Gandhi had, that shook the British rule in India (if possible go beyond Satya and Ahimsa).

7.5.5 Invasions For Religious Reasons
Find a list of rulers who invaded other kingdoms/countires for religious reasons. See if any of them is a Hindu king.

7.6 Some References by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, UC San Diego Director, Center for Brain and Cognition, "40/40 Vision Lecture: Neurology and the Passion for Art"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 6: It's Heaven of Scientific Wealth

6.1 Whom is this benefit for ?

An atheist, scientist, student, engineer, doctor, musician, housewife, artist, philosopher, health conscious person, non spiritual person........

6.2 Take This Quiz First

In the history of human evolution.....

6.2.01 When and where are properties of metals, alloys, their usage, first documented and utilized ?
6.2.02 What is the root for the word 'Trigonometry' ? Where did it come from ? Where are the principles of trigonometry found in original form?
6.2.03 What is that literature which first indicated the velocity of light, or the values of 'Pi' ?
6.2.04 When and where was so called 'Pythagoras Theorem' first mentioned ?
6.2.05 Where are the most ancient examples of 'encoding' and 'encryption' principles be found ?
6.2.06 Who and when first found facts about various planets and Sun? Who first knew the diameters of these planets ?
6.2.07 Why do Indians worship cow ?
6.2.08 When and where are the first advanced methods of Mathematics, algebra, Geometry found ?
6.2.09 Where is origin of Numeric system ?
6.2.10 What is Ayurveda ? What is significance of Ayurveda ?
6.2.11 What is origin of 7 notes of music ?
6.2.13 What really does 'Yoga' mean?
6.4.14 What is origin of the english word 'Heart'? How can this 'source word' be broken down ?

6.3 Science Embedded Within Samskrit:

As a glimpse of scientific heritage of Samskrit language, consider some branches of modern science, the knowledge of which is embedded in Samskrit, centuries before science was known to the Western world.

6.3.01 Physics
6.3.02 Chemistry
6.3.03 Mathematics
6.3.04 Engineering
6.3.05 Aeronautics
6.3.06 Metallurgy
6.3.07 Geometry
6.3.08 Trigonometry
6.3.09 Arithmetic
6.3.10 Medicine
6.3.11 Ayurveda
6.3.12 Botany
6.3.13 Agriculture
6.3.14 Irrigation
6.3.15 Ecology
6.3.16 Cosmetics
6.3.17 Art And Culture
6.3.18 Yoga
6.3.19 Geography
6.3.20 Architecture
6.3.21 Politics
6.3.22 Warfare
6.3.23 Computers
6.3.24 Astronomy
6.3.25 Phonetics
....................list continues....

There is yet more wealth of scientific knowledge scattered in various Samskrit works, that if realized, can lead one to the higher level of learning.

6.4 For You To Think
Why Have Foreigners been Keen On Samskrit Learning ?

Why is study of Sanskrit language and Indian culture, a matter of deep interest for foreigners ?

May it be Pythagoras in past times, or Macaulay, or a modern day 'professor' such as Michael Witzel,
why have these kind of westerners been deliberately spending significant part of their lives, tapping into India's riches ?

Why would anyone maintain and grow an interest in Sanskrit language in modern times ?
What kind of benefits is their 'persuit of learning' for ?

6.5 Some References:
"Science In Samskrit" A Glimpse into Scientific Heritage of India, Samskrita Bharati Publications Vedic Mathematics Tutorial
Vedas Charak Samhita
"Pride of India" Samskrita Bharati, MWN Press

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 5: It Helps To Purify Mind

5.1 Consider following 2 facts:
Fact 1 : "It is easy for brain to imagine things incorrectly, even though the eyes are working properly" (The Oxford Children's Book Of Science, Oxford University Press)

Fact 2 : "If you want to heal your body, heal your mind first." (Time Magazine, Issue Jan 30, 2003)

Mind is important . Any transformation that happens within an individual, mind is involved.

5.2 Samskrit Mantra
Now let's consider Samskrit language and one of its riches........ called 'Mantra'.

The word Mantra ('Manana + Trayate') means,

as you chant it, it
- preserves sanity of your mind and body
- helps your mind and brain to come out of false perceptions
- cherishes your being
- protects your soul and the surrounding

Mantras in Samskrit....are much beyond the cadence and poetry.

5.3 Our Definition of Mantras
"Energy amplifying formulae, which, when chanted produce enormous positive effects on body, mind, soul and surroundings."
Mantras are unique to Samskrit language.They are the best mind purification techniques any language has ever produced.

5.4 Notes
5.4.1 Why does the concept similar to 'Mantra' not exist in any other language ?
Going back to basics, sound is base of Samskrit. Each of its sound characters has meaning.
Due to its phonetic connection and most systematic grammer, no other language can represent the power and energy of the sound so closely.

5.4.2 Exploring Mantra for just purification of mind, is like 'Scratching The Surface':
Concept 'Mantra' has much deeper significance related to pure knowledge that Sansrkit has embedded within itself. This article considers effects of chanting of mantra merely in context with mind purification. It also considers mainly simple mantras such as chanted by yoga practitioners, peace seekers.

5.5 For You To Try:
Chant the mantra in video below, before going to bed tonight. Do this for coming 10 nights.

5.6 Some References Commentary by Dr. Acharya Yogesh of Yogesh Ashram, Riverside, California, USA
Time Magazine Article "How Your Mind Can Heal your Body"