Sunday, September 27, 2009

Samskrit Learning Post 13: Samskrit Resources - Chimaya International Foundation

13.1 About Chinmaya International Foundation
Chinmaya Mission is a non profit worldwide organization which was founded in 1953 with the aim to spread the wisdom of Vedanta to any seeker, of any nationality, or group, and to enrich and enable individuals to become positive contributors to society.
Chinmaya International Foundation is the academic front of Chinmaya Mission worldwide.

13.2 Samskrit Courses by Chinmaya Foundation
Some of the ways Chinmaya Foundation offers Samskrit learning are, as follows:

13.2.1 Direct Learning Courses:
Chinmaya Foundation offers various in person learning courses across various locations in the world.

13.2.2 Online Easy Samskrit Learning Course:
This is an easy Samskrit Online Course is for beginners who are interested to start their journey into Sanskrit language. As the organization indicates, it has been designed in a manner that any individual regardless of their mother tongue, location could master Samskrit basics. Course is good for anyone above age 10.

13.2.3 Postal Samskrit Course:
This Samskrit Home Study Course is designed to facilitate learning through correspondence with 40 lessons. This course aims to impart an elementary knowledge of Samskrit to students, using English as the medium of instruction.

12.2.4 Easy Samskrit Study Kit:
This is a convenient method that supports Samskrit self-study. The kit provide self-study tools, Study Book, work Book, Interactive CD.

Apart from above, foundation also offers options for deeper learning.
Chinmaya Foundation also works on various projects worldwide, for revival of Samskrit and of knowledge embedded within Samskrit language.

12.3 References

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Samskrit Learning Post 12: Samskrit Resources - Friend called 'Samskrita Bharati'

12.1 What's Samskrita Bharati ?
Samskrita Bharati is a nonprofit, worldwide organization working for Samskrit revival.
Its mission is to bring Samskrit back to mainstream as a widely spoken language once again; and to bring about a social change through the medium of spoken Samskrit.
Samskrita Bharati functions as an umbrella organization for various global organizations working for promotion of Samskrit.

It has developed simple and practical methods to enable Samskrit speaking in daily life.

12.2 'Speak Samskrit' Offerings
Samskrita Bharati offerings include but are not limited to:
12.2.1 Concise Courses for Adults
12.2.2 Classes For Kids
12.2.3 Samskrit Camps
12.2.4 Samskrit Learning Via Phone Conference
12.2.5 Samskrit Correspondence Course/Distance Education
12.2.6 Samskrit Via Video/Audio Material
12.2.7 Various Projects Relating to Samskrit.

For Example:
Speak Samskrit in 10 Days (with 'L1')
Spoken Samskrit Class (L1) is conducted in an interactive and joyful way.
L1 is the fundamental level. It does not assume any prior Samskrit/script knowledge.
Typically 'L1' involves total about 16 hours in 10 days. This is followed by hourly study group meetings every week thereafter.
Usually timings and pace suitable for attendees.
At the end of day 10, you are out with ability of using Samskrit in daily conversations.

12.3 Learning Literature
Samskrita Bharati backs up 'Speak Samskrit' movement by simple and clear yet outstandingly powerful and diverse literature library.
12.3.1 Monthly Family Magazines
12.3.2 Books, Songs, Visual Audio Kits For Children
12.3.3 Books For Spoken Samskrit
12.3.4 Books On Samskrit Grammar
12.3.5 Samskrit Books On General Science
12.3.6 Various Samskrit Language Dictionaries
12.3.7 Samskrit Kits

12.4 For You To Know

12.4.1 Samskrita Bharati has taught Samskrit to over 2 million individuals worldwide, and has helped to transofrm 4 villages in India to completely Samskrit speaking communities.

12.4.2 You do not need to know Samskrit to be Samskrita Bharati's volunteer. Just email to

12.5 Resouorce

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Samskrit Learning Post 11: Reasons That Have Deprived You From Learning Samskrit

Most of us have been hearing about Samskrit language at various occassions. Some of us are genuinly interested in learninig it.
Following are some hurdles/reasons that keep depriving individuals of learning Samskrit during their lifetime.

11.1 Reasons Out of Ignorance
11.1.1 Samskrit learning is very difficult
11.1.2 Samskrit language is outdated
11.1.3 Learning Samskrit language is not necessary to me
11.1.4 Samskrit does not affect me being happy
11.1.5 Learning Samskrit has nothing to do with my understanding of Indian culture
11.1.6 Me learning Samskrit will not influence next generations in my home
11.1.7 (For person of Indian origin) Learning samskrit is nothing to do with my being an Indian
11.1.8 Learning Samskrit language is like accepting Hinduism; and I am not a Hindu
11.1.9 I already learnt Samskrit in school, and did not find much use outside academics.

11.2 Reasons Based Upon Laziness
11.2.1 I already have so many problems in life to tackle. Where is time for Samskrit ?
11.2.2 I wish to learn but I don't have time.....May be later.
11.2.3 I wish to learn but where are resources to learn Samskrit

11.3 Reasons Based Upon Lack of Awareness
11.3.1 There is no one to teach me Samskrit
11.3.2 I will not be able to learn Samskrit language
11.3.3 There are no Samskrit language resources around
11.3.4 I am not in position to go out of home to learn.
11.3.5 Samskrit learning is costly and I don't have funds
11.3.6 Samskrit learning is not going to change my life a bit
11.3.7 Learning Devanagari script is must for Samskrit learning

11.4 Reason Due To Extreme Passion For Specific Things
11.4.1 I have decicated myself for other things.

11.5 Reason Due To Constraints
11.5.1 I am physically constrained

We will try to address some of above hurdles in following few posts, in hope to help us on way to learn Samskrit language.

11.6 Thought of The Day For you
11.6.1 “First we make our habits, then our habits make us” ...Charles Noble.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 10: Samskrit Is Much Easier To Learn

Samskrit language appears to be difficult to learn because of the innumerable rules and regulations.
But it is not so.

10.1 Much Easier To Master:
English is very difficult to master, but we do not realize it, as we spend years and years learning it. One can master Samskrit by putting 25 % of this effort.

10.2 Derivative Power Of Samskrit Words:
The derivative potential of Sanskrit words is rational and breath-taking. Every single Sanskrit word has a meaning built into itself;
The root hidden in a word contains the meaning of that word. Hence a Sanskrit scholar seldom runs for a dictionary to find out the meaning of any new or a strange word one may come across.

10.3 No Uncertainties with Samskrit:
There are no uncertainties and contradiction between the spoken and written word. For e.g.: in English a spoken `see' can be a written `see' or `sea' with totally different meanings. It is not so in Samskrit.

10.4 Samskrit Words are easy to remember:
Word 'Samskrit' is break down of 2 words 'samyak krutam'...i.e. well done.
As its name itself explains, it is systematized and perfected. Its alphabets are impeccably arranged.
They are easy to remember and help in memorizing textual stanzas. This helps explain why the oral tradition of Indian wisdom is so popular and long-standing in the entire world.

10.5 Learner has freedom to compose the sentences:
Sanskrit sentence structure is flexible. The declensions and the conjugations have a wide range.
Hence every student has more freedom in composing sentences in Sanskrit.

10.6 For you To Find Out:

10.6.1 Find out How many months you had English literature as a compulsory part of your education system.

10.6.2 Imagine the purpose of including English vocabulary in major way as a part of GRE (Graduate Record Examination )

10.6.3 Guess how much percentage of English which you learn, do you use in your personal & professional life combined together.

10.7 Some References