Saturday, May 9, 2009

Islamization At Doorsteps

*1 See 2 images.

*2 What is It ?
This is news from 10th May, 2009 Pudhari (Marathi Newspaper)This is real. And this is this week's information.A racket of Muslim youths has been found out.Names came out so far are Muslims.

*3 Method Used
3.1 With no initial exposure of religion, focus on girls around colleges.
3.2 Get them 'involved'.
3.3 Onece in trap, use them, have Muslims in other parts of country use them.
3.4 Then force them for conversion to Islam.
3.5 Send some of them to Saudi Arabia.

*4 Purpose Of And Direction of This ?
4.1 I have been hearing for years but ignoring that Indian Muslim youth are paid to trap Hindu girls for conversions.I can not ignore this anymore.

4.2 I have also been ignoring the fact that in most of movies,the Hero is Muslim (XYZ Khan) and heroine is a Hindu one.I now have growing feeling that this is deliberate slow posioning the Hindu society.

4.3 I have been ignoring the question: Who controls Key Indian media houses ?I recently came across 2 links regarding Indian media. Even 25% of this video below is true, I am getting concerned where this is going.....

4.4 I knew that countries like England are facing challenges of Muslim terrorism (reference )

I am getting convinced that in midst of poverty and lack of unity in Indian peoplethis will get worse and worse in India.........if we do not play our part to do something about it.

While I have my doables, I welcome your suggestions as to what we can do in our capacity towards this.

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