Saturday, December 6, 2008

Confession Of An Indian ‘Citi’zen

After Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, security loopholes are exposed; the sense of vigilance and care for the citizens and for the country from various ‘caretakers’ is not being seen so far.

I have been asking myself.…. “Who’s To Blame?…Who’ll Build India of my dreams?”

Answer was ....each time …”No one else, It’s me”


I blame politicians; because?….they don’t seem to care for the country

I blame channels; because? … they don’t seem to care for country….

Wait …now………………”Do I seem to?”

Chanakya said…..” That Country has problem where the people have no sense of shame, have no fear of anybody, no intelligence, or a charitable disposition.”…..

On my usual “happy” day when I am driving to office, I expect that the soldier on the border be dutiful and watches ‘my’ country’s borders. Else it’s shame, or Deshdroha !

But at that very moment, when I drive on roads, do I care to watch traffic laws?.... all of them?

I also cry against corruption and politics in government schemes….

In Oct 2005, protectors of democracy brought nationwide”Right to Information” after long struggle.

While I hardly fail mourning about politics, have I been agile enough to use the Right to Information for social cause?

I also become furious relating to taxes and ‘mehengai’

When lots of essentials are subsidized by Government, do I really make sure our daily purchases’ tax funds go till the Government?

Simply put…How many times, do I insist on a valid receipt from a shop or a seller?

I expect righteously that the nation protect us. Do I make sure to protect my own sense nationality? Or am I busy in protecting my own personality? ..Kind of “Laila Majnu” type innocent romantic smile?

I have so many complaints against the TV channels…

Trying to recollect…which type of programs do I watch?.... Informative, educating me nationally?...or relaxing ‘masala’? What do I ask them to cook for my viewing appetite ?

How regularly do I dare myself to the ritual of knowing realistic issues such as farmers’ deaths, rather than indulging in some bollywood or cricket related entertainment?

When expecting the police to fight well trained terrorists, how regularly do I do the usual exercise to keep myself fit as an agile citizen?

When expecting intelligence to know everything, do I know enough about my neighbors?

The heinous did terrorists performed against my Nation in the name of religion has no comparison. It must be answered. The political willpower must become matured to do this on behalf of me as an Indian citizen……

But don’t I need to expand my will power, raise my character to fuel the political, government will power and raise National character to stronger level?

In order to fix the house, foundation must be fixed first.

I don’t know about others, but I am gonna fix myself.

I’m gonna change myself…. with a dream that

… the parents of those involved in Rave Parties, will not come shouting with straight neck in Public.

… breaking a traffic law will be considered a matter of shame

..a smile… in case of minor collision of road, will be the way to settle the dispute

.. everyone will be so agile that every seller will provide by default, a receipt of sale

..No one is slaves of the idiot boxes.

And I’m gonna try something different...than I have been trying...

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