Sunday, July 19, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 3: Samskrit Works On You ! (Even if you may not understand Samskrit)

Most languages are created with obvious goals of transmitting ideas, thoughts, logic. Samskrit created to transmit "Vibrations" also.

Vibrations have phonetic importance. They will work on you.
Very vibration embedded in Samskrit language character, would transform your state of mind.

Linda Sparrowe, renowned writer, mentor and yoga practioner in her article 'Joy of Sanskrit' published with 'American Sanskrit Institute', mentions ,"The design of a Sanskrit is such that the sounds perfectly express the vibrational essence of that (object or theme) which they describe."

Example: Most of people who chant Mantras, do not know the full meaning of a mantra;
But still feel happy, relaxed while chanting them.
Ever wondered... Why ?

Let's try to understands this.
While usual conversational languages help us connect with the outside world, their forming characters do not have thought connected to them.
Example...In English, character 'A' does not have any meaning (beyond the fact that it's first Roman alphabet)

In Samskrit, each character
- has a meaning and
- represents a unique sound.

in Samskrit, sound character 'A' means creation. 'A' is connected to the sound of generation.
Eventually, 'dhatus' (basic words)...which are based upong 'sound characters' ....have meaning.
Hence words.... which are...based on dhatus....have the specific meaning and function.

Samskrit was formed with deep and profound understanding of sound,thought and being.
No surprise, vibrations on Samskrit positively work on you, even if you do not understand them.

It's worthful to understand Samskrit; but even if you do not understand, it will create its own effect on your being....not just linguistic, but phonetic also.

Experiment for you to try:
Consider an infant (below 2 years) that cries in the beginning when it gets up from the sleep, even though you try to soothe it...say 'X' number of times.
Try to talk some simple Samskrit to it, when it gets up crying next few times, or even otherwise..

Some References: Why Samskrit for mantras ?
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