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Samskrit Benefit 4: Your True Friend Through Your Journey

This benefit is about one's personal exploration as a human being, or one's spiritual journey.

4.1 Two thoughts for pondering to begin with...

4.1.1 On one hand, there is a sense in modern times (specially in the west) that the spiritual experience is separate from day-today experience.

4.1.2 On the other hand, there are certain historical religious philosophies which ask for 'renunciation' or 'sacrifice' in this life (without any human experience or understanding)....... for better life in 'Heaven'.

4.2 Coming back to normalcy...
Recognized scholar of many cultural traditions, theoretical physicist and entrepreneur Dr. Dean Brown indicated "When it comes to human cultures, while there have been different types of streams (such as Hebrew, Mian, American Indian, African, Polynesian, Chinese, Samskrit), they have one core thing in common....they are all based on 'experience'."

In one's spiritual journey , or
in personal exploration of being. ...
......'Progressing through experience' is the key.

In fact, Dr. Brown further mentioned that going through experience by vedic (Samskrit) way is 'nicer' because it is thouroughly developed.

Let's elaborate the above point a bit further...

4.3 Referring to experience, it is generally said that as one starts to reach new heights and new peaks (of achievements, awareness), he/she feels more and more lonely.... ..(in this context -lacking capable resources)
Well, Not true at least for a seeker who has Samskrit's company.

4.4 For 'Sholkas' and 'Sutras' (let's call them Samskrit Poetry for simplicity)...
For a beginner in personal exploration, there will be wonderfully straight, and correct meaning.
For an advanced seeker, the same Samskrit text will offer a deeper and yet equally correct meaning.
As you evolve in spiritual journey, Samskrit reveals more profound meanings to you.

Samskrit holds your hand all the time through your journey.

4.5 Examples:
4.5.1 Commentary on Bhagvad Geeta (one of the most important Hindu scriptures) has been written by numerous enlightened souls from Dnyaneshwara to Chinmayananda, to Shree Prabhupada. They all are beautifully different, yet all of them in sync with the original Samskrit source.

4.5.2 In fact, you may come across a few seekers (if you have not yet so), who will mention something like this....
'I read this Sholka in Geeta after a few years. Now I understood it much better.'

4.6 What's the Fact ?
The fact is that the progressive journey of an individual seeker is not a generic one. It is unique to him, based upon his experience, consciousness in his being, his willingness (as key factors).

Contents of Samskrit language do not rush a seeker into a 'non-logical' or 'commanding' philosophy that his progressive mind has not consumed. They help his consciousness to reach a new level of awareness through his experience; thus making him ready for a richer experience of enlightenment...starting from where he is.

Isn't it like a true friend who does not give up on you, wherever and however you may be ?

4.8 Something For You to Try:

If you do SuryaNamaskara (yoga to do 'Sun Salutation')...Try to do the following next time...
Do them with Surya (Sun) least different names of Surya (the Sun).

Notice the difference. ....Don't forget to share if you do :)

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