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Samskrit Benefit 5: It Helps To Purify Mind

5.1 Consider following 2 facts:
Fact 1 : "It is easy for brain to imagine things incorrectly, even though the eyes are working properly" (The Oxford Children's Book Of Science, Oxford University Press)

Fact 2 : "If you want to heal your body, heal your mind first." (Time Magazine, Issue Jan 30, 2003)

Mind is important . Any transformation that happens within an individual, mind is involved.

5.2 Samskrit Mantra
Now let's consider Samskrit language and one of its riches........ called 'Mantra'.

The word Mantra ('Manana + Trayate') means,

as you chant it, it
- preserves sanity of your mind and body
- helps your mind and brain to come out of false perceptions
- cherishes your being
- protects your soul and the surrounding

Mantras in Samskrit....are much beyond the cadence and poetry.

5.3 Our Definition of Mantras
"Energy amplifying formulae, which, when chanted produce enormous positive effects on body, mind, soul and surroundings."
Mantras are unique to Samskrit language.They are the best mind purification techniques any language has ever produced.

5.4 Notes
5.4.1 Why does the concept similar to 'Mantra' not exist in any other language ?
Going back to basics, sound is base of Samskrit. Each of its sound characters has meaning.
Due to its phonetic connection and most systematic grammer, no other language can represent the power and energy of the sound so closely.

5.4.2 Exploring Mantra for just purification of mind, is like 'Scratching The Surface':
Concept 'Mantra' has much deeper significance related to pure knowledge that Sansrkit has embedded within itself. This article considers effects of chanting of mantra merely in context with mind purification. It also considers mainly simple mantras such as chanted by yoga practitioners, peace seekers.

5.5 For You To Try:
Chant the mantra in video below, before going to bed tonight. Do this for coming 10 nights.

5.6 Some References Commentary by Dr. Acharya Yogesh of Yogesh Ashram, Riverside, California, USA
Time Magazine Article "How Your Mind Can Heal your Body"

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