Sunday, August 9, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 6: It's Heaven of Scientific Wealth

6.1 Whom is this benefit for ?

An atheist, scientist, student, engineer, doctor, musician, housewife, artist, philosopher, health conscious person, non spiritual person........

6.2 Take This Quiz First

In the history of human evolution.....

6.2.01 When and where are properties of metals, alloys, their usage, first documented and utilized ?
6.2.02 What is the root for the word 'Trigonometry' ? Where did it come from ? Where are the principles of trigonometry found in original form?
6.2.03 What is that literature which first indicated the velocity of light, or the values of 'Pi' ?
6.2.04 When and where was so called 'Pythagoras Theorem' first mentioned ?
6.2.05 Where are the most ancient examples of 'encoding' and 'encryption' principles be found ?
6.2.06 Who and when first found facts about various planets and Sun? Who first knew the diameters of these planets ?
6.2.07 Why do Indians worship cow ?
6.2.08 When and where are the first advanced methods of Mathematics, algebra, Geometry found ?
6.2.09 Where is origin of Numeric system ?
6.2.10 What is Ayurveda ? What is significance of Ayurveda ?
6.2.11 What is origin of 7 notes of music ?
6.2.13 What really does 'Yoga' mean?
6.4.14 What is origin of the english word 'Heart'? How can this 'source word' be broken down ?

6.3 Science Embedded Within Samskrit:

As a glimpse of scientific heritage of Samskrit language, consider some branches of modern science, the knowledge of which is embedded in Samskrit, centuries before science was known to the Western world.

6.3.01 Physics
6.3.02 Chemistry
6.3.03 Mathematics
6.3.04 Engineering
6.3.05 Aeronautics
6.3.06 Metallurgy
6.3.07 Geometry
6.3.08 Trigonometry
6.3.09 Arithmetic
6.3.10 Medicine
6.3.11 Ayurveda
6.3.12 Botany
6.3.13 Agriculture
6.3.14 Irrigation
6.3.15 Ecology
6.3.16 Cosmetics
6.3.17 Art And Culture
6.3.18 Yoga
6.3.19 Geography
6.3.20 Architecture
6.3.21 Politics
6.3.22 Warfare
6.3.23 Computers
6.3.24 Astronomy
6.3.25 Phonetics
....................list continues....

There is yet more wealth of scientific knowledge scattered in various Samskrit works, that if realized, can lead one to the higher level of learning.

6.4 For You To Think
Why Have Foreigners been Keen On Samskrit Learning ?

Why is study of Sanskrit language and Indian culture, a matter of deep interest for foreigners ?

May it be Pythagoras in past times, or Macaulay, or a modern day 'professor' such as Michael Witzel,
why have these kind of westerners been deliberately spending significant part of their lives, tapping into India's riches ?

Why would anyone maintain and grow an interest in Sanskrit language in modern times ?
What kind of benefits is their 'persuit of learning' for ?

6.5 Some References:
"Science In Samskrit" A Glimpse into Scientific Heritage of India, Samskrita Bharati Publications Vedic Mathematics Tutorial
Vedas Charak Samhita
"Pride of India" Samskrita Bharati, MWN Press


Karthik said...

I had been looking for material on Vedic Maths for a long time.. Thanks a lot for posting this.

Great job in finding so many resources/websites. I have not been able to go through all of them, but they are definitely in my bookmark :)

Tejo Prayaga said...

Thank you for providing such an excellent and thorough references and material.

I have been following your blog for quite some time. Your interest and commitment towards this subject amazes.

Kudos and keep it coming

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