Monday, August 17, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 7: Samskrit is Timeless Source of Human Values

7.1 Traits of Indian Culture
Indian culture is marked with two outstanding traits
- Human values
- Continuity of Traditions

Samskrit literature of numerous kind has been home to human values in beautifully diverse forms

7.2 Samskrit Literature
May it be Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayan, Mahabharata, Geeta or Brahma Sutras...Samskrit literature has been guiding the Indian way of life, since time eternal.

7.3 Human Values
Righteousness, bhakti, social interdependence, self-restraint, respect to elders, obedience, unselfish love, harmony, moral character, steadfastness, service, dutifulness, truthfulness, bravery, .........Samskrit has been the source of fragrance and experience of such human traits in Indian way of life.

India - Pride -III

Considerable amount of Samskrit literature has been in fact translated in many child languages of Samskrit. Commentaries have been written by seers and scholars.

7.4 Flow In Way Of Life
These values have been flowing like mountain-river in Indian life in form of stories, recitations, religious readings, day to day practices, traditions.

7.5 For You To Find Out

7.5.1 Zoroastrian community Finds Home In India
Upon escaping the persecutions by Muslim invaders, and after trying to find asylum in many surrounding countries, Zoroastrian community in Iran region (modern day Parsi) found the permanent home in Gujarat in late 9th century.
- why they had to leave their country
- why they found home only in Bharat

7.5.2 Toughest Battle In Life Of Alexander:
Which was the toughest battle in Alexander the Great's life ?
What was it's impact on his Army and his own life ?
What virtues does it relates to ?

7.5.3 Some Origins of Shivaji's Virtues
Shivaji Maharaj has been inspiration of thousands of modern Indians.
Learn how his mother Jijabai helped to shape him into an ideal King.

7.5.4 Power of Gandhi
M.K. Gandhi's contribution to end the british rule in India is a known fact.
Identify what Gandhi had, that shook the British rule in India (if possible go beyond Satya and Ahimsa).

7.5.5 Invasions For Religious Reasons
Find a list of rulers who invaded other kingdoms/countires for religious reasons. See if any of them is a Hindu king.

7.6 Some References by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, UC San Diego Director, Center for Brain and Cognition, "40/40 Vision Lecture: Neurology and the Passion for Art"

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