Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Samskrit Benefit 10: Samskrit Is Much Easier To Learn

Samskrit language appears to be difficult to learn because of the innumerable rules and regulations.
But it is not so.

10.1 Much Easier To Master:
English is very difficult to master, but we do not realize it, as we spend years and years learning it. One can master Samskrit by putting 25 % of this effort.

10.2 Derivative Power Of Samskrit Words:
The derivative potential of Sanskrit words is rational and breath-taking. Every single Sanskrit word has a meaning built into itself;
The root hidden in a word contains the meaning of that word. Hence a Sanskrit scholar seldom runs for a dictionary to find out the meaning of any new or a strange word one may come across.

10.3 No Uncertainties with Samskrit:
There are no uncertainties and contradiction between the spoken and written word. For e.g.: in English a spoken `see' can be a written `see' or `sea' with totally different meanings. It is not so in Samskrit.

10.4 Samskrit Words are easy to remember:
Word 'Samskrit' is break down of 2 words 'samyak krutam'...i.e. well done.
As its name itself explains, it is systematized and perfected. Its alphabets are impeccably arranged.
They are easy to remember and help in memorizing textual stanzas. This helps explain why the oral tradition of Indian wisdom is so popular and long-standing in the entire world.

10.5 Learner has freedom to compose the sentences:
Sanskrit sentence structure is flexible. The declensions and the conjugations have a wide range.
Hence every student has more freedom in composing sentences in Sanskrit.

10.6 For you To Find Out:

10.6.1 Find out How many months you had English literature as a compulsory part of your education system.

10.6.2 Imagine the purpose of including English vocabulary in major way as a part of GRE (Graduate Record Examination )

10.6.3 Guess how much percentage of English which you learn, do you use in your personal & professional life combined together.

10.7 Some References

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