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Samskrit Learning Post 13: Samskrit Resources - Chimaya International Foundation

13.1 About Chinmaya International Foundation
Chinmaya Mission is a non profit worldwide organization which was founded in 1953 with the aim to spread the wisdom of Vedanta to any seeker, of any nationality, or group, and to enrich and enable individuals to become positive contributors to society.
Chinmaya International Foundation is the academic front of Chinmaya Mission worldwide.

13.2 Samskrit Courses by Chinmaya Foundation
Some of the ways Chinmaya Foundation offers Samskrit learning are, as follows:

13.2.1 Direct Learning Courses:
Chinmaya Foundation offers various in person learning courses across various locations in the world.

13.2.2 Online Easy Samskrit Learning Course:
This is an easy Samskrit Online Course is for beginners who are interested to start their journey into Sanskrit language. As the organization indicates, it has been designed in a manner that any individual regardless of their mother tongue, location could master Samskrit basics. Course is good for anyone above age 10.

13.2.3 Postal Samskrit Course:
This Samskrit Home Study Course is designed to facilitate learning through correspondence with 40 lessons. This course aims to impart an elementary knowledge of Samskrit to students, using English as the medium of instruction.

12.2.4 Easy Samskrit Study Kit:
This is a convenient method that supports Samskrit self-study. The kit provide self-study tools, Study Book, work Book, Interactive CD.

Apart from above, foundation also offers options for deeper learning.
Chinmaya Foundation also works on various projects worldwide, for revival of Samskrit and of knowledge embedded within Samskrit language.

12.3 References

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