Sunday, September 20, 2009

Samskrit Learning Post 12: Samskrit Resources - Friend called 'Samskrita Bharati'

12.1 What's Samskrita Bharati ?
Samskrita Bharati is a nonprofit, worldwide organization working for Samskrit revival.
Its mission is to bring Samskrit back to mainstream as a widely spoken language once again; and to bring about a social change through the medium of spoken Samskrit.
Samskrita Bharati functions as an umbrella organization for various global organizations working for promotion of Samskrit.

It has developed simple and practical methods to enable Samskrit speaking in daily life.

12.2 'Speak Samskrit' Offerings
Samskrita Bharati offerings include but are not limited to:
12.2.1 Concise Courses for Adults
12.2.2 Classes For Kids
12.2.3 Samskrit Camps
12.2.4 Samskrit Learning Via Phone Conference
12.2.5 Samskrit Correspondence Course/Distance Education
12.2.6 Samskrit Via Video/Audio Material
12.2.7 Various Projects Relating to Samskrit.

For Example:
Speak Samskrit in 10 Days (with 'L1')
Spoken Samskrit Class (L1) is conducted in an interactive and joyful way.
L1 is the fundamental level. It does not assume any prior Samskrit/script knowledge.
Typically 'L1' involves total about 16 hours in 10 days. This is followed by hourly study group meetings every week thereafter.
Usually timings and pace suitable for attendees.
At the end of day 10, you are out with ability of using Samskrit in daily conversations.

12.3 Learning Literature
Samskrita Bharati backs up 'Speak Samskrit' movement by simple and clear yet outstandingly powerful and diverse literature library.
12.3.1 Monthly Family Magazines
12.3.2 Books, Songs, Visual Audio Kits For Children
12.3.3 Books For Spoken Samskrit
12.3.4 Books On Samskrit Grammar
12.3.5 Samskrit Books On General Science
12.3.6 Various Samskrit Language Dictionaries
12.3.7 Samskrit Kits

12.4 For You To Know

12.4.1 Samskrita Bharati has taught Samskrit to over 2 million individuals worldwide, and has helped to transofrm 4 villages in India to completely Samskrit speaking communities.

12.4.2 You do not need to know Samskrit to be Samskrita Bharati's volunteer. Just email to

12.5 Resouorce


Rathitara said...

I had been frantically looking for a source to learn Sanskrit. Primary reason is, it is the only Scientific Language that has ever been used by Human Community since inception of use of Communicative Language in written scripture form i.e. When we write "Ka"(kindly find & read this "Ka" in its compatible Sanskrit form as my machine does not allow me to inscribe this single Sanskrit letter with available facility), we pronounce it as "Ka" & use it as "Ka" unlike all other languages in the world. To change its pronouncing form we add a vowel i. e. to say, if we want to use "Ka" as "Ki", we have to add a vowel "i". In Sanskrit, there is no way of using K as "Ka" i.e. Kite & pronouncing K as "Ke" while reading or teaching. In brief, in Sanskrit we call "Water" as "Water" as long as we look at it from literature point of view & not as a Chemist.

Thach Nguyen said...
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nice message.
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