Sunday, September 13, 2009

Samskrit Learning Post 11: Reasons That Have Deprived You From Learning Samskrit

Most of us have been hearing about Samskrit language at various occassions. Some of us are genuinly interested in learninig it.
Following are some hurdles/reasons that keep depriving individuals of learning Samskrit during their lifetime.

11.1 Reasons Out of Ignorance
11.1.1 Samskrit learning is very difficult
11.1.2 Samskrit language is outdated
11.1.3 Learning Samskrit language is not necessary to me
11.1.4 Samskrit does not affect me being happy
11.1.5 Learning Samskrit has nothing to do with my understanding of Indian culture
11.1.6 Me learning Samskrit will not influence next generations in my home
11.1.7 (For person of Indian origin) Learning samskrit is nothing to do with my being an Indian
11.1.8 Learning Samskrit language is like accepting Hinduism; and I am not a Hindu
11.1.9 I already learnt Samskrit in school, and did not find much use outside academics.

11.2 Reasons Based Upon Laziness
11.2.1 I already have so many problems in life to tackle. Where is time for Samskrit ?
11.2.2 I wish to learn but I don't have time.....May be later.
11.2.3 I wish to learn but where are resources to learn Samskrit

11.3 Reasons Based Upon Lack of Awareness
11.3.1 There is no one to teach me Samskrit
11.3.2 I will not be able to learn Samskrit language
11.3.3 There are no Samskrit language resources around
11.3.4 I am not in position to go out of home to learn.
11.3.5 Samskrit learning is costly and I don't have funds
11.3.6 Samskrit learning is not going to change my life a bit
11.3.7 Learning Devanagari script is must for Samskrit learning

11.4 Reason Due To Extreme Passion For Specific Things
11.4.1 I have decicated myself for other things.

11.5 Reason Due To Constraints
11.5.1 I am physically constrained

We will try to address some of above hurdles in following few posts, in hope to help us on way to learn Samskrit language.

11.6 Thought of The Day For you
11.6.1 “First we make our habits, then our habits make us” ...Charles Noble.


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